Def: something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.

Supplements work best when they are "added" to a healthy eating regimen and lifestyle.

When selecting a high quality whole-food supplement ask yourself these two questions:

1. Is there science proving that the nutrients in the supplement are absorbed into the body?

2. Is there science proving that the nutrients from the supplement do something good for the body once they get there?

If the supplement you are taking, or are considering taking, has published scientific data that provides the information asked in these two questions, you can rest assured it is a quality supplement and is beneficial for your overall health.

Health Coach Howie recommends the YOR Health brand of products when it comes to supplementation.
It's the Perfect Balance between Science and Nature

INNOVATION: YOR NDS™ is a breakthrough innovation in nutrition. It represents forward thinking and creates new standards and solutions to solve existing problems. After significant research, testing, and development they created the proprietary enzyme blend comprising YOR NDS™ and found a way to improve nutrient absorption in order to maximize the benefits of nutritional intake.

CLINICALLY PROVEN: Scientists from Obirin University in partnership with the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology performed the clinical study of the enzyme blend contained in YOR NDS™. No one's enzyme-building capacity is challenged more than the elderly as a result of time, energy, and age-related decline. Therefore, a group of institutionalized seniors were selected to examine what effect the enzyme blend in YOR NDS™ would have on their nutritional status, and overall health.
YOR NDS™ succeeded in boosting their overall nutritional status, supporting better overall health.

PATENT-PROTECTED: YOR NDS™ is a U.S. patent-protected blend with an additional patent pending. The innovation protected by the patent demonstrates the high level of expertise, specialization, and technology within their research and development. Through the exclusive right of the patent they are able to prevent others from commercializing their proprietary information, thereby reducing competition and establishing YOR Health as pre-eminent player in the nutrition industry.

Clearly, the YOR Health brand meets the qualifications of the 2 questions above. However, what's more important than that is that my family and I have been using the supplements for more than 3 years now (read about our story here) and we have personally recommended it to hundreds of people directly and thousands indirectly. We have seen the results and the success people have had with the supplements. And that's why Health Coach Howie recommends the YOR Health brand of products!




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