Def: "The process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.


According to the definition of "Nutrition" above our bodies need both macronutrients, which include fats, proteins & carbohydrates, as well as micronutrients which include vitamins & minerals, in order to be healthy and grow!






As reported in The 1992 Earth Summit Report
the soil has lost up to 72% of its nutrients in the last 100 years.

Due to this loss of nutrients in the soil, supplements are "no longer" just for athletes. Nor are they considered a novelty or luxury for the affluent, but have become a NECESSITY! In order to get the same amount of "nutrition" from a bowl of spinach in the 1950's, today we would have to eat approximately 43 bowls of spinach.... which by capacity of our stomachs is almost impossible. So our bodies are left craving & starving for nutrients! A lack of micro-nutrients (trace minerals) in the whole foods we consume today, has caused the average american to be UNDER-NOURISHED and OVER-FED!

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