Pantry Makeovers - $49

Both parents and kids will enjoy and benefit from this fun, interactive consultation

Do you know what's in your pantry, cabinets, or refrigerator? Are they filled with a few cans of this, some bags of those, and a lot boxes of this & that? Ever wonder why you or your family members are always tired and hungry no matter how much sleep they get or how much food they eat? Well it could have something to do with what's in your pantry or refrigerator! Learn two simple strategies that will help you answer the questions above!

  • Traffic Light Eating - a simple system to categorize different types of foods
    note: know what's already there
  • Label Reading - how to read a ingredients labels
    note: learn what foods to avoid

SMART Shopping - $69

Learn how to navigate your local supermarkets

Just because it's in your local supermarket or sold at a health food store doesn't mean it's good for you or healthy to eat! Don't be intimidated by the multitudes of brands to choose from. Let's go shopping together. Walk with us, share with us, and let us show you how to make SMART choices when identifying healthy brands.

  • Test your label reading skills - receive feedback and feel confident in your ability to identify healthy brands
  • Learn marketing loopholes to watch for
  • Identify healthy alternative products to replace unhealthy brands