Def: physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier.

We prefer to use the word: Activity

Whenever you mention the word exercise, most people cringe at the thought.... They associate "exercise" with hard work, lifting heavy weights, taking time away from their children, and spending money on gym memberships that they only use 2 to 3 times a year! That's why we use the word "activity." Activity could be brisk walking, playing tag in the back yard with your children, riding your bike with the family, or taking your spouse dancing. Just pick an activity that you like, because the best "activity or exercise" for you is....."THE ONE YOU WILL DO!"


Why is flexibility important?.... There are so many benefits but just to name a few reasons is that it helps reduce injuries, increases circulation in the body, and tends to relieve muscle, joint, & back pain. Picture a pencil. What happens when you try to bend a pencil? It breaks! No picture a wire metal hanger. What happens when you try to bend a metal hanger. It bends! Both are very rigid (stiff), but one is also flexible. When we are rigid like a pencil and have a little fall or accident, we tend to break causing injury. If we were instead rigid but flexible like the metal hanger, our bodies would flex when we fell and prevent injury to a certain degree...

Strength Training

What's the purpose behind strength training?..... The primary reason you want to strength train is to maintain muscle, both density & tone. Other benefits include improving bone density, helps increase metabolism by building lean muscle which leads to burning more body fat, strengthen your joints which helps prevent injury, and increase your brains functionality. Most people think about lifting weights like athletes when you mention strength training. Strength training can include lifting weights, but we are actually talking about "functional" activity to strengthen your "core" and keep your skeletal muscles toned so as we age we can avoid chronic joint and back pains.

Movements as simple as push-ups, sit-ups, stair stepping, and using resistance bands in various positions can be the solution to strength training! There are so many different ways to participate in strength training, that I will not even try to list them here. Remember, before starting a workout program, consult your doctor to find out what level of intensity your are capable of & ready for! We also have trusted certified fitness trainers that we can recommend if you need help...


In simple terms: endurance movement.... get that heart pumping! Participating in cardiovascular (aerobic) activities has so many positive benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally. While participating in aerobic activity your body is improving its circulation which leads to better blood flow, less possibility of clogged vessels, and increasing the body's ability to lower cholesterol. The list of benefits goes on and on. Also while we are running, biking, swimming, and especially dancing our body releases what I like to call "happy healthy" hormones into our bloodstream and these have such a positive effect on our mental and emotional health.

It's very simple to fit this into our lives. Just 20-30 minutes a day, 6 days a week is all that we "need." Now one can do more if times permits, but as long as we make it a lifestyle to fit this 20-30 minutes a day. This could be taking a walk with the family after dinner, playing with the kids in the backyard before dinner, taking a walk early in the morning before work, or just turning the television off and turning the music on and dancing in your living room with your spouse and/or kids... It's that simple!!

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